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AlHadi is a company building future focused on growth and innovation, quality products and distribution coverage throughout Afghanistan. With office at Kabul, Afghanistan AlHadi works in the healthcare sector with a dynamic pattern, the company actively operates in different segments of the supply chain of healthcare sector in the country. The company works with many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturing firms through various agreements, partnerships and joint ventures, the group is leading healthcare, medical equipment and consumer care distribution and retail chain stores in Afghanistan, and is committed to meet the growing needs of healthcare and pharmaceutical distribution in the country.

Our Services

Regulatory Services
Application & Registration
Marketing & Promotion Services
Tender Projects & Services
Capacity Building & Training Services
Facilitating Placement
Regulatory Services

Decades of war and instability has affected the rules & regulations of medicines and health regulatory affairs in the country. Due to that challenges are faced when passing documents through regulatory authority of Afghanistan. Where only professional and experienced individuals can deal with regulatory issues.

Strategic support and solutions for various regulatory issues.

Expertise in the following areas;

  • Strategic and regulatory advices
  • Appropriate application procedures
  • Evaluation of regulatory documents
  • Compilation of a complete MA Dossiers
  • Regulatory and commercial compliance
    • Life Cycle Management (Variations, Renewal procedures.)
    • Product Quality Reviews
  • Preparation and attendance at meetings with authorities (Pre-Submission Meetings)
  • Pharmacovigilance Assistance
  • Application for Scientific Advice related to Quality, Non-Clinic or Clinic.


Competent solutions for complex problems;

  • Evaluation of New or Existing Regulatory Documents
  • Preparation of the quality dossier

– Planning

– Compiling

– Updating

– Reformatting

  • Preparation of experts statement, overviews
  • Submission

Application & Registration

Our experience is your advantage

  • Initial application for marketing authorization
    • Full application
    • Generic application
    • Traditional registration on required format and
  • Variations
  • Renewals
  • Follow-up-Activities
  • Updating of marketing authorization documentation
  • Preparation of submission dossiers
  • Processing deficiency letters- Communication with regulatory authorities
  • Monitoring of deadlines

Marketing & Promotion Services

Our Marketing & Distribution  activities;

  • Market Surveys for New Products
  • Product Development
  • Marketing Authorization Agreement
  • Import, Quality Control
  • Custom Clearance & Standard Storage
  • Sub-Distribution Setup
  • Standard Transportation
  • Complete Sales Channel
  • Qualified Marketing Team
  • Product Establishment

Tender Projects & Services

Our Tender Projects & Services include:

  • Key focus on Tender Management for; medical equipment & medical
    consumers, pharmaceuticals private/public companies, government & NGO’s
  • Range of marketing, sales and distribution services for medical and
    pharmaceuticals for private/public companies, government & NGO’s
  • Full range of agency services for foreign manufacturers operating in tender
    business in the region
  • Full range of after sales service for medical equipment backed professional
    qualified engineers

Capacity Building & Training Services

Pharmacy Management Training

Coaching and Training Pharmacy Management is one of our prime services. The pharmacy sector is multi-billion economy world over and a basic need exists irrespective of where the services are offered. In addition to this, the sector enjoys high margins in retail as well serves a diverse spectrum of individual and business clients and non-profit sector NGOs who conduct medical camps. Moreover, the role of women in building sustainable societies is important due to the fact that they exhibit lower levels of default, pay more attention to details and are responsive to not only their own needs but needs of family and societies.

Different reports indicated that the overall capacities of the pharmacist practice is poor in Afghanistan, especially in rural areas. Therefore, there is a strong need to facilitate provision of trainings to improve the quality of pharmacy services. The capacity building program will enable the pharmacists to start with improved knowledge and practice to gain the market trust which, will lead the pharmacy business to success and help male and women pharmacists have better incomes and more job opportunities.

Our main focus in this part for men/women pharmacists is to;

– Providing sector specific soft skills training such as communication, marketing, accounting, managing, reporting etc. to ensure profitability and growth when managing a community pharmacy.
– Providing pharmacy management skills to assure sustainability and growth when managing a community pharmacy
– Sharing of lessons learned and standard pharmacy practice to ensure compliance to quality standards of concerned stakeholders

Our aim is to provide workforce with improved sector specific knowledge and experience in the health sector of the country to tackle with challenges and transform the health sector of the country by practicing professionalism and provide quality services.

Women in Retail Pharmacy:

Base one the studies conducting supported by Alhadi Ltd, while implementing 786 Pharmacy Retail Chain Stores project and different donors indicates that female pharmacists hardly have any noticeable involvement in owning a legal venture/business in Afghanistan pharmaceutical retail sector. This is evident from the fact that a whopping majority of pharmacies are men-owned and managed which indicates a market gap. While, female consumers are requiring female pharmacists to understand their peculiar needs in a secure environment which is culturally understood.

The pharmaceutical market size in Afghanistan is over $600millions USD every year. The involvement of women in this section is to a negligible percentage. There is a strong need to promote women intro in this market. This will allow women to have enough income especially women lead household and young graduates. Therefore; we would like to provide hands on trainings and evaluate the outcome of the project and their performance in retail sector in Afghanistan.

We facilitate the provision skilled women pharmacist in different parts of Afghanistan by provision of awareness, capacity building, and engagement them in retail sector.

Our main focus in this part women pharmacists is to;

– Bridging theory and practice dichotomies by creating learning opportunities for women pharmacists and enable them to own or manage and run a pharmacy shops in capital and selected provinces, while considering security concerns.

– Promoting women owned pharmacy concept to encourage other women pharmacists to join the bandwagon by making it a trend among women pharmacists.

Promoting Entrepreneurial initiatives to be undertaken to empower women pharmacists through their inclusion in pharmacy sector in Afghanistan. Through such initiatives we create jobs for women pharmacists in retail pharmacy sectors and raise their living standards as well as create better livelihoods and hence ensure food security in community.

Enabling women pharmacists to manage different aspects of a pharmacy shop, such as financial, inventory, and marketing in addition to that; it will enable women to use IT solutions for managing a pharmacy store better and easier.

Facilitating Placement

We facilitate the trainee with placement in the pharmacies around Kabul city, whether community pharmacy or hospital pharmacy. As a result, the employers will have the chance to hire skilled women pharmacist to provide women-to-women services, manage their pharmacies better with the use of IT based solutions that generates timely financial and inventory reports for the employers. The communication and marketing skills of the trainees will enable them to increase revenue of any retail store they work in, as a result the trainees will have better and sustained income.

Our Activities

The firm is uniquely positioned to serve the growing needs of Afghanistan market. Our core activities are:

Regulatory Services

Regulatory Services





Retail Chain

Retail Chain

Tender Supply

Tender Supply

Promotion & Marketing

Promotion & Marketing

Registration Services

Registration Services

Capacity Building

Capacity Building


Our Vision is to build a Total Brand Value by innovating to deliver consumer value and customer leadership faster, better and more complete health service through continues improvement driven by the integrity, teamwork, and innovation of excellent people.


To lead a healthcare industry in Afghanistan with highest standards, ensure medical equipment and consumer care products meet the need of the community today, and build capabilities to raise healthcare standards to meet the need of future generations.


Ethics, professionalism, integrity, quality of service, innovation and trust are excellent core values. These values are implemented in every aspect of the company and combined with our deep understanding of the market.


Pharmaceutical Distribution Division

AlHadi is one of the reliable and compliant distributors for pharmaceutical products in Afghanistan pharma market through own subsidiaries and sub-distributors. The company’s activities range from commercial agency, product distribution and services and registration services to solution for pharmaceutical and medical logistics.
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Retail Chain Division

On 21 March 2013 President of AlHadi Ltd, Mr. Zabihullah Hidayat founded
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Afghanistan’s first pharmacy chain stores under the brand name of 786, with a vision to allow ready access to value laden services in a diverse spectrum of regions. 786 Pharmacy is the first mover and only branded Pharmacy chain stores in Afghanistan, serving communities round the clock i.e., 24/7, with 15 stores providing genuine medications and free primary health services, while enjoying the highest reputation of trust and reliability in the community.

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Herbal Division

On April 2018, Afghanistan’s first herbal product distributing company was founded by AlHadi Ltd, under the name of Noshdaru. The initiative is also culturizing herbalism by educating the community through social media and marketing through online platforms. Besides import/distribution of Herbal products, Noshdaru has a packaging line of locally collected medicinal herbs. The initiative is warmly welcomed by community and is growing.

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Medical Consumers Division

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  • Standard Management System
  • Standard Storage & Warehouse Facility
  • Standard Transportation Facility
  • Standard Distribution System
  • Web Financial Reporting Solution
  • Mobility Solution

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